Vacant Chairman
Dr. Victor K. Agyeman Director-General of CSIR
Vacant Ghana National Chamber of Commerce
Vacant Committee of Vice Chancellors
Vacant Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
Vacant Ministry of Environment, Science, Tech. & Inno.
Vacant Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Vacant Ministry of Trade and Industry
Vacant Ministry of Health
Vacant National Development Planning Commission
Vacant National Council for Tertiary Education
Vacant Representative of CSIR Directors
Vacant Representative of CSIR Senior Staff
Vacant Ghana Institution of Engineers
Vacant Private Sector (Ghana Chamber of Mines)
Vacant Private Sector (Agriculture)
Vacant Private Sector(Public Health Physician)
Vacant Association of Ghana Industries
Vacant Association of Ghana Industries
Vacant Female Scientist (Food and Nutrition)
Vacant Director-General of Ghana Atomic Energy Commission



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